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Asbestos Training

asbestos awareness training scotland

Asbestos Awareness Training

All workers who may disturb asbestos in the course of their work, or who supervise these workers must have received asbestos awareness training.

The HSE suggest that 240,000 workers regularly disturb asbestos in the course of their normal work. With this in mind, good quality competent asbestos awareness training delivered face to face by asbestos specialists is essential.

We have many years experience providing asbestos training to Local Authorities, Universities, NHS trusts and private companies.

ARC can provide bespoke asbestos awareness training to fit in with your organisation’s procedures.  Furthermore, if requested we provide feedback from the training sessions which may help improve your procedures. Training covers:

  • Uses and types of asbestos
  • Health effects
  • Legislation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Survey types and limitations
  • Practical examples and scenarios

We will discuss with you your training needs beforehand, to ensure that the right staff get the right type of training, in the most cost effective manner.


mh photo
Marcus Hill BSc (Hons) CoCA AFOH LFAAM - Director

Asbestos awareness training is not just a legal requirement, it is the best way to prevent your staff being exposed, and to also avoid asbestos becoming a nightmare for your projects.

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