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Asbestos Re-inspections and Condition Monitoring

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To comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012) the HSE recommend that you assess the condition of your asbestos at least annually and record the findings of that assessment.  You may need to take action to remove or repair materials which have become degraded, you will need to update your asbestos register and management plan to reflect the finding of the re-assessment.  

ARC can carry out a re-inspection of your materials and update your registers.  We can also review your existing survey for accuracy and quality.  In our experience we have found that many of the surveys carried out since the duty to manage came into force in 2004, do not include enough information, or the surveyors have failed to identify asbestos!  We will remedy this situation for you and ensure your asbestos registers are current and compliant


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Marcus Hill BSc (Hons) CoCA AFOH - Director

Unfortunately there are so many bad surveyors out there, re-inspections are a key tool to update and audit your asbestos registers.

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