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Asbestos Management

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The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 place a responsibility on duty holders to ensure that asbestos present in their premises is managed.  This involves prioritising highest risk items for removal or repair.  

To establish this information, an asbestos management survey is required to create an asbestos register. 

In the absence of a survey, it is necessary to presume all materials in a building contain asbestos, in simple terms; assume the worst case scenario - all items are asbestos.  In practice this is impractical, so a survey should be carried out.  Remember however, the law places focus on the duty to manage not "a duty to survey".  A survey is useless if it is filed away in a drawer. 

We will review your compliance position and help you find cost effective means to bring your asbestos management up to date


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Marcus Hill BSc (Hons) CoCA AFOH - Director

The key to good asbestos management is a regular mixture of planning and review, supported by competent advice.

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